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Our Services

We help in setting up of new schools or exiting schools, following National or International Curriculum. This service is available only on request and will depend on various factors such as location, type of school, curriculum followed and availability of Oyster Team.

School Evaluation

Transforming Schools to outstanding schools is our major aim through the school evaluation process. This quality review system enlists through its school improvement plan the current strengths, weakness, priorities and targets comparing the same with the best practices internationally.

Teacher Training

The Oyster trained Cambridge certified subject professionals would be engaging teachers with their knowledge, skills and experience. This is unique and exclusive feature available only for Oyster associated schools. By apprising teachers with curriculum philosophy and subject specific contents.

School Management Services

We take the responsibility of implementing ever-evolving process of the international education methodology on behalf of the school management. By outsourcing this responsibility to us, the school has at its disposal the academic and non-academic knowledge base of our team.

Join School Improvement Consultancy

Welcome to the first ever INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT CONSULTANCY specifically designed to keep you up to date with issues and developments in school through pupil monitoring and assessment system, teacher training, subject specific training, and a variety of school improvement services. Our research and endeavour supports international schools to help improve standards of teaching and learning. So, whether you are a recent Oyster associated school or an existing user, there is something for everyone ... informative ... innovative … interesting.

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