Way back in 2001, the founders of Oyster Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. had opportunity to establish the first day school in India to offer complete and comprehensive Cambridge qualifications under one roof. The instituting team had the privilege of being closely associated with Cambridge International Examinations and were instrumental in getting Cambridge qualification recognised by the AIU, HRD Ministry and various State Governments in India. The company got incorporated in 2007 with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Over the last decade and a half, the core team of the first international school developed new ways of analyzing the Cambridge curriculum.

1) Student-centric training.
2) Subject training to deliver the best results at par with international standards.
3) Teacher training with a small cohort of international school teachers.

The flagship school of team Oyster delivered profound success by achieving national topper and world topper status, giving Oyster the confidence to share with fellow schools the expertise gained through years of evolving and establishing an international curriculum. A successful effort that can only help benefit the community of international schools across India. That made Oysters efforts ‘a movement’ that went on to benefit hundreds and thousands of Teacher-Student community of India to compete successfully with their contemporaries around the world on the forefront of the fast evolving single global nation called earth.

Since its inception in 2005, Oyster expertise lies in the structure and layered approach of implementing the teaching techniques and strategies in syllabus which can be delivered across all curriculum boards irrespective of being a National board, State board, Cambridge or IBO.

Oyster does pioneer in other areas of School Management Process from delivering the Academic Curriculum to its implementation along with the associated teachers training to assist the school in procuring Cambridge Affiliation. But what makes Oyster stand different from amongst its fellow competitors is the Assessment System and the follow up mechanism which not only evaluates the process of implementation of the curriculum but through the follow up mechanism ensures problem solving of the same.