What we offer?

School improvement is what we best do. In doing so we offer high quality services in three major categories:   School Evaluation, Teacher Training and School Management Services . School Evaluation, Teacher Training. Transforming Schools to outstanding schools is our major aim through the school evaluation process. This quality review system enlists through its school improvement plan the current strengths, weakness, priorities and targets comparing the same with the best practices internationally.

The Oyster trained Cambridge certified subject professionals would be engaging teachers with their knowledge, skills and experience. This is unique and exclusive feature available only for Oyster associated schools. By apprising teachers with curriculum philosophy and subject specific contents, the most important aspect is to monitor the implementation of the said practices in the regular class room teaching.

This is achieved through the “CEETT” (Continuous Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training) wherein our subject expert visit every alternate month to observe lessons and provide constructive feedback for improvement. This helps keep up the quality assurance norms stringently followed at Oyster. The Advancement in Learning is a Continuous Professional Development opportunity provided by Oyster on various topics related to teacher, student and school development.

We take the responsibility of implementing ever evolving process of the international education methodology on behalf of the school management. By outsourcing this responsibility to us the school has at its disposal the academic and non-academic knowledge base of our team. This makes Oyster accountable for the process and the results. On the very onset we present the entire methodology of implementing the process to the client and post understanding, discussions and sanctions, only is a project undertaken.